Obama’s Politically Correct Guide to War-Fighting

January 27, 2009 | Politics

Political correctness is a scourge upon the earth and the intellect; it is a tyrant’s best friend and one of the greatest enemies free men face. In the hands of ideologues-become-professors, it has destroyed our institutions of higher learning, and in the hands of our ideologue-become-president, it threatens to destroy our ability to win the War on Terror. Read more…

Republicrats Flock to Obama

January 21, 2009 | Politics

The new year has already witnessed an unseemly rush on the part of some Republicans to cozy up to President Barack Obama. Sucked in by the lights, the parties, the adoring fans, and of course the fawning “paparazzi,” these politicians have traded loyalty to the convictions of their constituents for pilgrimage to kiss the ring of the one whom Farrakhan called “the messiah.”

Where did the train fly off the track folks? If Obama couldn’t be trusted prior to the election, as even Senator John McCain indicated, or if he supported all methods of abortion and opposed the Second Amendment prior to the election, as Obama’s own record indicated he did in both cases, then he is still an untrustworthy, pro-abortion, anti-gunner. Getting elected did not change these things. Read more…

Time for the GOP to Focus on Democrat Corruption

January 13, 2009 | Politics

The Democratic Party holds to three major rules concerning politics in this country:

1. Democrats make “mistakes,” Republicans commit crimes.

2. Republicans are not allowed to harp on Democrat “mistakes” but Democrats are free to confront Republicans over the slightest “moral discrepancy” whenever and wherever they choose.

3. If Republicans do somehow muster the courage to point out a Democrat “mistake,” as they did with the great perjurist-in-chief Bill Clinton, they are to be charged with using “the politics of personal destruction.” Read more…