“The 2nd Amendment is My Conceal Carry Permit”

April 29, 2010 | Politics

While the Obama-led federal government appears indifferent, if not averse, to the Constitution, various state governments across the country are embracing the founding document anew.

We’ve seen this via the 10th Amendment movement and the state-led opposition to Obamacare. And recently, Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer has shown another way back to the Constitution by signing a law which views the 2nd Amendment’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms as a concealed-carry permit within the borders of her state. Read more…

Fast Approaching the Tax Tipping Point

April 24, 2010 | Politics

The public was recently inundated with the news that 47 percent of American households would pay no federal income taxes for 2009 whatsoever. Yes, they still enjoy the benefits that taxpayers enjoy, like “national defense, public safety, infrastructure and education,” but they do so free of charge.

In other words, the 53% of people who pay federal income taxes not only pay their own share but the share of those who live on the government’s dole as well. And while this may come as a shock to everyday citizens who work hard, pay their bills, and treasure their independence too much to be financially beholden to anyone or anything, including the government, there is nothing about it that shocks the minds of those who planned it. Read more…